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Couple of weeks ago World of Matticus had a post urging guild leaders to do a “State of the Guild” address. While our guild isn’t what you might consider well organised or structured I still thought it a good idea to stick up a post recapping some of the high points of Wrath of the Lich King and reaffirming where we are going in the new expansion.

The Cataclysm will be with us soon, bringing with it lots of changes. We’ll have new villains to defeat, new lands to explore, new professions to train and new races to meet. There will be new raids, the new flexible lockout system, guild achievements, levels and reputation. A big long list of NEW.

Before we look forward, lets take a moment to think back on our time together in Northrend. Wrath was a big step for us as a guild, taking the decision to do our own regular guild raids. These have been the source of many a frustrated night, but we’ve had a lot of good times along the way. Who amongst us will forget the pidgeon and his box? I think we made the right decision to spend those hours together on Vent and Mumble and I hope you all join me in thanking Kihara for wielding the whip on the hard nights in Ulduar, Colliseum and Icecrown. We’ve also had a lot of other guild members step up to plate and run events for everyone to come and enjoy: Bluriel, Remyngton and Nardash are just a few of the people who have been herding you cats in the never ending adventure of keeping Azeroth safe.

Raiding though, has never, and should never, be the focus of Kindred Spirits. First and foremost we’re a community, a circle of friends, a gathering of kindred (and often crazy) spirits in the game. We’ve made many new friends along the way this year and invited them into our community with open arms. To me this is more important than any of our raiding achievements, that we continue to be open and welcoming to new people, equally as insane as the rest of us. I love that our guild has heart, that we’re always there to help out others, no matter the distance or job. Just last night one of our oldest members didn’t even hesitate to travel all the way to Gadgetzan to help our newest member. I believe it’s this community spirit that keeps our guild going when other guilds fall by the wayside. There aren’t many other guilds as old as ours and that’s something we should all be proud of, oldies and newbies alike, we’re all Spirits in the end.

So what about that big, scary, new future looming at us from the 7th December? Bring it on I say! I’m looking forward to the new friends we’ll meet in the coming months, the old friends that might reappear, and to continuing on this journey with all you crazy folk. I can’t wait to see what new and interesting ways my fellow Spirits come up with to make life interesting and fun as we work out how to get from Darnassus to Gadgetzan with a giant chasm in the way now.

On the raid front, I hope we continue to be a guild that raids, rather than a raiding guild. The changes Blizzard have brought into the raiding system seem to suite our style perfectly, and I look forward to seeing us rack up the guild experience and achievements as we battle our way through whatever Deathwing has to throw at us.

But before that happens we have something even bigger in my calendar, KSFest 2010. A chance for some of us to catch up, and for some of us to meet for the first time. I know it will go with a real Spirits bang, with more beers than you can count, some of the silliest conversations ever voiced and Issy giving us all a lift home after. May our livers forgive us.

I’ll stop being all emo at you now and let you get back to fishing up coins in Dalaran.

Sondahl, Boom Boom Chicken
aka that poor shlub who gets the bank items in their mail when someone gets hacked

The original post was crafted before we kicked the Lich King’s but otherwise that would have featured :)

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